Elina Suutari

Elina Suutari - Vocals

Jaakko Latvala

Jaakko Latvala - Guitar

Eetu Tingander

Eetu Tingander - Bass

Ville Koskinen

Ville Koskinen - Drums

WithOut is an alternative rock band from Tampere, Finland. The Band's story began spring of 2015 when Jaakko and Elina had wrote some songs together and started to look for other band members. Eetu joined the group summer of 2015 and three of them continued the songwriting process while still looking for a permanent drummer. Finally in the spring of 2016 Ville joined the group and they spent rest of the year finalizing their songs, recording demos, and doing some local gigs.

In 2017 WithOut headed to studio to record their debut EP "Behind The Line" consisting of following songs "Behind The Line", "Anyone Of Us", "Right From The Start" and "The Club Of Wasted Hearts".

WithOut band